At the end of this week, I was able to speak with my supervisor to discuss my progress, mistakes, and next steps. During this discussion, we talked about the importance of representing a product in an understandable and simple manner in engineering, and I thought this was noteworthy. As this is my first time being in a working environment, I feel like I am starting to learn what it means to be in the producer’s shoes instead of the consumer, and how engineering is not all about providing solutions to tasks or problems, but doing so in a manner that the next worker or the consumer could actually use it. Therefore, for my task, documenting the code I write for the next intern to continue, and choosing standardized and simple names for variables to be specified by the client, would be important.

A lot of work was done this week, and the design flow from synthesis to place and route to bitstream generation is nearly completed for all the FPGAs. It was also possible to blink an led using ice40 and the K3rangka. Next week’s focus would be changing the name of variables used in the ‘post’ requests to K3rangka, revising the Quartus flow, creating another step in the design flow which could replace the b-ram contents without re-running synthesis, and documenting the code.


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