This will be my last week of internship in Aeste. I finished up my work on code refactoring. As this will be the last blog entry from me, I would like to write on the learnings and reflections throughout this internship. 

I have obtained various technical skills, namely 

  • Git version control
  • Web development programming language Javascript
  • Web development framework VueJs

With no previous experience in any of these skills, I am happy to say that I am able to develop my technical skills progressively throughout the internship. Given a relatively amount of freedom in this project, I use this opportunity as a playing ground for me to discover and work on my skills. 

I am also exposed to dealing with bugs in the software. With more practices, I learn to identify the problem in a more systematic way, then only implementing the solution. Through conversations with my supervisor, he also provided me with industry insights. 

Only two months into this internship and I’ve developed a range of skills. It gives me the motivation to further delve into the software engineering industry. It was two great months and I wish all the best for Aeste.

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