I am Myeong Jin, a first year engineering student working as an intern in Aeste. As this is my first experience in internship or any sort of working environment, I am excited to learn as much as I can for the next 10 weeks and upgrade my abilities. The first two days of internship at Aeste was spent on understanding GIT.

GIT is an open source version control system which is essential to manage several contributors making changes in code to the same project. Going through the “git immersion” tutorials, I have learnt the basics of how to use GIT, including initiating a GIT repository, making changes to a single branch and committing those changes to be recorded in the history, navigating around the GIT data structure, manipulating branches such as creating or merging, and working with multiple repositories. I have also learnt how GIT acts as a functional data structure that never really deletes the versions of code from the history, but branches out instead to store a new version (in a memory-efficient manner).

I also had some time to get a grasp of what the Web Toolkit (WT) was capable of. This C++ library contains a variety of widgets that encapsulates the view and behavior aspects for the user to utilize. In other words, the user could simply create an element of the web page, such as a push-button, by calling the function to add the widget with the type of widget as an argument, both of which are included in the WT library. The user could also create a custom widget class which combines different types of widgets. I feel that I have made a good start by learning the materials efficiently and look forward to apply these newly acquired knowledge to the project I will be doing.


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