At the beginning of the week, my supervisor showed me the way to set up the previous version of the web application that I am working on. To summarise the whole process, I have to follow a few steps:

  1. Import a .tsv input file into the database,
  2. Set up a local server network to use the admin interface,
  3. Set up another local server network to use the vuejs interface.

However, we encountered some difficulties when importing the .tsv file and we decided to continue on that in the following week.

After setting up the web application, I will be able to try on it in order to test out my newly modified version. Previously I felt that the enhancements that I have to made to the system are rather smooth-sailing. Yet when I tested my modification on the actual application did I realise that I’d made some mistakes and the user interface was not as the desired behaviour. This incident shows that in software engineering, it is impossible for us to prove that the written code is bug-free, thus in order to accommodate this limitation, we should carry out systematic testing.

During my development process, I also found a bug in the existing system, where the current states are not synchronised across different user screens. I spent almost a day trying to overcome the bug, unfortunately to no avail. However, on the next day, I finally figured a way to solve the problem — with only a few lines of code! With some self reflection, I think that I was being slightly reckless by jumping straight into the solution without thinking thoroughly about the problem. End up I was just trying out exhaustively on different methods without proper planning.

Next week will be the start of the music competition where this web application will be tested. Hope everything goes well!

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