This is my second week of internship at Aeste. Last week, I spent most of my time learning a JavaScript framework — Vue which is essential in developing reactive web applications. This week, I’ll be applying the knowledge in practical, which I believe is the way for me to improve!

As a brief context, my task in this internship is to work on a web application. This web application handles the scoring system of a music competition. The application is already developed by my predecessors, while I’m responsible to make some enhancements to the system.

At the beginning of the week, my supervisor shared the code repository to me, where I spent a few days to go through the documentation and source code thoroughly. As different programmers have different practices, I realised that a detailed and organised documentation is very important for a large project. I had some difficulties understanding some part of the documentation, and hopefully I’ll be able to reorganise it later in my internship when I have a better understanding on the whole system.

After thinking about how I could work on the necessary enhancements, I cloned the repository locally using git. This was also my first time in using git for an actual project. The git model that is used in Aeste is git flow, where only two branches (develop and master) are kept in the remote repository. I made a mistake by pushing a newly-created feature branch into the repository, and luckily it was reversible. I guess making mistakes is part of the learning process and it depends on how well we are able to bounce back from it. The code changes that I have to do are not particularly difficult, however I still have to carry out testing to ensure it is bug-free.

Overall, I feel that my progress for this week is satisfactory, considering my very new exposure to web application development. There is still much room for improvements and I hope for the upcoming weeks I’ll be able to work on my project in a more efficient and mature way.

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