“The only way to grow is to step out of your comfort zone.”

I am Kai Jun and I am currently pursuing a degree in Electronics and Computer Science. This is my first week as an intern in Aeste and I am tasked to develop a web application during my eight weeks internship period.  

Previously, I barely have any exposure in the real-world software development industry, with my knowledge in this field all obtained academically. I always feel that what we learn in university is rather theoretical and conceptual. It is difficult for students to visualize the bigger picture, as in how the skills we learnt could be applied in real life application. Thus, I am very determined to be involved in projects that will help me gauge a better understanding of the actual scenario of the software development industry.

Then the struggles came. As I haven’t had any prior experience in developing web application, even the beginning of the internship proves to be a steep learning curve for me. I have to familiarize myself with various programming languages and frameworks in a short period of time. Some of the skills that I have to acquire before I’m able to start with my task are Git version control and Vue.js – a JavaScript framework for reactive web applications. I believe programming is all about trying, with more practices, I will surely be able to grasp the key concepts and improve myself as a programmer.

Overall, I’ve been learning the required skills in my first week of internship. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead where I will be able to experience hands on web development. While I foresee myself struggling in the beginning, I believe my resilience attitude will bring me forward in this internship.

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