On the first day of the internship, I set up my AESTE account and import the PKCS#12 certificate into the chromium browser. As I started interacting with the xubuntu environment, I spent some time reading through the common Linux commands online and learned how to use the terminal effectively.

In addition, I learned about the Git Workflow. For Git, the main branches consist of master and develop branches whereas the supporting branches consist of feature, release and hot-fix branches. I also learned how to implement Git commands by testing with the sandbox repository. It is crucial to utilize Git in an accurate way so that this will ensure efficient version control of the software and avoid any undesirable conflicts.

Furthermore, I was introduced to Witty. Wt is a C++ library for developing web applications and its main advantage is its widget abstraction. Thus, I tested out some Wt widgets from the tutorial and it worked out fine. I also learned to set up a server as well. Although I had basic understandings of Wt, I realized they were still not sufficient enough to develop a solid project and thus I had to practice more with the library.

Moreover, I learned about database object. Wt::Dbo is C++ ORM whereby it would map a single class to a corresponding table. When i first started compiling the Wt::Dbo tutorial code, I experienced a lot of syntax errors related to the pointers. At this point of time I was still uncertain about using smart pointers because during my university times I mainly dealt with arrays instead of pointers. My colleague, Matthew, provided me help regarding this issue. Furthermore, I found it confusing when std::unique_ptr was wrapped in std::function objects. As a result, more effort should be put in learning how to efficiently utilize different smart pointers, such as unique pointer, shared pointer and weak pointer.

All in all, I look forward to grow together with my fellow colleagues, as well as AESTE.

The journey has just begun. 


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