This is my eighth week in AESTE WORKS. I should put my work in Git release branch by Tuesday, but I only managed to do it on Thursday. This is due to I faced a few problems there.

  1. The flash memory cannot be read/ write.
  2. PIC32 cannot get the IP address.
  3. The code suddenly cannot run on the next day. (previously no problem)


Before that, the code from previous intern it can work well and get the IP address. So, I opened terminal and checked the DHCP lease to see whether the PIC32 board successfully connected to internet or not (if success, it will appear IP address and the board name). I had tested the current code and the previous intern code, only my code cannot get the IP address. This means that our LAN cable and PIC32 board are working well. The only possible is my harmony configure setting problem. After checking, the Ethernet RMII \MII Enable (FMIIEN) was ON. Check with this forum , many people also faced a same problem and solved it by turn FMIIEN to OFF.

Next, I was shocked when I opened the MPLAB X IDE as usual and run the code, then the output window pop out a lot of error messages. Then I checked whether it is because of harmony configuration problem or not. Finally I found out the problem which is all my import library gone. Then I have slowly added it back one by one. At the end the code run as usual.


This week I spend some of my time to study how the bootloader work for PIC32. Next week I hope I got some idea and test the demo code in the PIC32 starter kit and implement to my actual board.



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