If you want to do something, you must be expert on it

Dr. Shawn always told me that if I  want to be a good programmer I must know the library that I’ve been using. Always read the documentation so that you will gain more knowledge about it and know the advantages and the limitations of your library.For this week, I continue learning about the behavior of the front end that I’ve been working on. I thought that the slider’s source code for the scoring system is from the bootstrap library but I am wrong. The source code came from the jQuery library. Now I know why if I make changes using the bootstrap library the slider gone wrong. Oops!!

Gabriel already downloaded the tsv file to the website that contained performer with two songs. So that it is easier for me to see the result of the source code that I’ve made. I need to separate and split the piece name using string and iterate it through an array. As for the slider, I need to make do-loop so that if the system read there are the two-piece name, there will be two sliders coming both representing the first and second song. The judges will score the performer according to the piece name on the slider. Dr. Shawn told me that I need to complete the task that he gave me ASAP since the dateline is approaching and I need to make changes to the back-end too. It will take more time to do it since the back-end is all about the database of the system.


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