This week I have started working on my first task in the project hehe… I’m super happy this week because the real work has just begun after spending few weeks of studying.

I experimental myself with the JavaScript source code since I have to make some modification to the front end part which is in the JavaScript. This is not easy since I never learned JavaScript before but hey life is about learning new things right? For this week, I have done the small changes to the system as the absolute scoring now is in the decimal number (0.0-10.0) as requested by the judges and modified some small things that Dr.Shawn asked me to do such as the size of the text, the slider range and adding piece name to the slider. I really need to worry with myself because it took me few days to finish it while Dr.Shawn told me he can do it less than 5 minutes 🙁 It’s okay I will take that as a challenge because I believe that the expert in anything is once a beginner. I will make myself better and better every day to overcome my weakness in programming even though it takes time.

The last two days I started the second task which finds the way to make sure the system can manage to calculate the score of the performer when they performed more than one song. After discussing with Dr.Shawn and Gabriel, we decided to just separate the piece name with a semicolon in the tsv file and download it to the system. So what I need to do is making sure when the performer performs two songs, the slider will come out with the two-piece name so that judges can score the performer with two different scores. Dr. Shawn asked me to learn about Javascript string process and JavaScript do loop so that I can make changes to the source code later.







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