This week is quite slow for me since everything that I do seems not right. For this week, I should make sure that I understand the source code of the project that I will be handle later made by the previous interns so that I can see the flow of the project work. Dr. Shawn told me to take a look at the all source code to help me with the project and make me familiar with it.

For this music competition, there are two methods of scoring: absolute and comparative. Absolute scoring meaning judges will score one performance with the score from 0-10. But now judges want to make some changes to the scoring system which is 0.0 – 10.0. The decimal number included so that it is easier for them to score performances and choose the winner. The scoring system will be much more efficient from the previous one. Comparative scoring meaning judges will choose who performed better, the current performance or the previous performance. So what I have to do is to  MODIFY the absolute scoring system to the decimal number. Dr. Shawn said it just a small change that I need to do the next will be the big one.

This year competition is slightly different from the last year. Last year, it is compulsory that one performer can perform only one song but this year one performer can perform one or two songs. This is the big changes to the system that I was talking about. I need to find the way to make sure the system can manage to calculate the score of the performer when they performed more than one song. I still can’t find the way yet but I will try my very best to do it.

I had a problem to download tsv file to the website. Glad that Dr. Shawn came to the office on Saturday. Despite he is in Singapore for a whole week and busy, but he still made time for us. I told him about the problem I was facing and he helped me with it. Here is the command to download tsv file to the website:

curl -kv0 -F “[email protected]” -H

Many to come next week and I hope I can complete my task ASAP as the dateline is approaching. Gulpp!!




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