I have started this week, making sure that I completely understand the concepts of wt. Once i finished with wt, I need to understand dbo and how wt and dbo related to each other in web development. Dbo is an object-relational mapper for C++. Based on my study, it simplifies development as there is no code generation, no XML mapping definitions, no macro hacks and concise. In Dbo, there are two relations that very important which are the many-to-one relation and many-to-many relation.How it works? The library defines several actions:-

  • loading an object
  • saving an object
  • the transaction method
  • create a schema
  • Database objects, their fields and relations are visited with persist ()
  • Traits classes specialized for field types
  • Avoidances of loops of ptr <T> objects in relations.

Other features :

  • use prepared statements with parameter binding throughout
  • queries with support for composite results into boost:: tuple
  • currently only SQLite3 backend

Okay done with dbo and wt. Next, Dr. Shawn explained about the project that I need to handle next week. It is all about the web development and database of course. Basically, my project is to modify the  scoring system used in a music competition. He asked me to understand how it works, compile it and run the system. I must test and run the sample database.

Dr. Shawn also asked me to read about design patterns. Design pattern generally can be classify into three important patterns which are creational patterns, behavioral patterns and structural patterns. Design patterns are the solution to a commonly problem in software design. Understanding the concept of design patterns help you to start your project because it gives you a view and technique on how to solve your design project. You just need to know how to apply certain design techniques to certain problems. Creational pattern discussed how you can efficiently create object and what are the different which are related to them.  Behavioral pattern discussed different objects and how the interaction between each other. Lastly, structural pattern discussed how the objects are composed and identify the relationship between objects.




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