I stepped into AESTE on my first day not knowing what to expect. This was my first internship in the real world and all I was looking for was knowledge, but I gained so much just in one week. On the first day, I was welcomed and greeted by Dr Shawn at the office. He introduced the workplace and explained how things work around in AESTE.  He also guided me on how to login to the system and access to the necessary websites for future use.

As any interns before, I was assigned by Dr Shawn to understand and practice GIT.  GIT is a version control application that keeps track of all the changes that you do in the files of your project. Every time you make changes to files of a project, you can push those changes to a repository. Other developers can pull your changes from the repository and continue to work with the improvements that you added to the project files. I realized that this makes code development more systematic as we are no longer need to do in the traditional way like copy and paste the file to share and modify source code with each other. GIT is really powerful source code management tool yet sophisticated system for distributed version control. I was asked to read up on git-flow and need to have a better understanding of the branching structure after completed with GIT tutorials that Dr Shawn gave me on Monday.

At the end of the week, I started to learn about Wt.  Wt is a web GUI library in modern C++. Quickly develop highly interactive web UIs with widgets, without having to write a single line of JavaScript. Wt handles all request handling and page rendering for us so we can focus on functionality. I was assigned to program a simple website using Wt by the following week. Having very little programming knowledge it took me quite of effort to actually get through it since I’m not familiar with this thing before but I was so lucky because I got helped by Gabriel. Thanks Gabe! I really hope I can gain as much knowledge and experience in AESTE and overcome my weakness in programming.

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