This week I continue my learning process about Vue.js and Vuetify. I tried to look into tutorials and examples and after that I tried to do it but at the same time I tried to changed the things a little bit because I want it to function the way things supposed to work.

From the first time Dr Shawn asked me to rewrite the project, we decided to use jsonServerRestClient but when I told Dr Shawn that I have some difficulty, he suggested to me to use Axios. Axios is a built-n HTTP APIs for Vue.js and the protocol is same as jsonServerRestClient.

In the end of this week, I managed to build an interface for Projects but the CRUD were not fully working. I still need to do some changes to it. For me the progress is quite slow because I need time to understand how the Vue.js , Vuetify and Axios work but now I have better understanding about those things compared to the first day I use them.

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