This week I tried to focus on the things that Dr Shawn have told me to fix especially the edit function in the website. But my progress is very slow because I’m not feeling well for the past 2 weeks and I even took an MC for one day. Then, Dr Shawn suggested to rewrite the front end because building a front end using Admin-On-Rest is quite hard as a lot of the functions that are needed for the website need to be customized. So, I was given a task to do some research about which framework and UI toolkit that can be used to build the website.

I was thinking whether to use Angular or Vue.js and in the end I choose to use Vue.js because from what I read the learning curve for Angular is quite steep compared to Vue.js and I am afraid that I cannot finish my work before my internship ends. At the same time I found the UI toolkit that can be use with Vue.js which have the components that are needed for the website. So for next week I will start doing Vue.js tutorials and try my best to make it works.


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