Surprisingly, I was extremely efficient in my last week in AESTE. I have almost finished up every basic functionality of the project that I was supposed to do: Caching, Interfacing with the editor, REST Web API, Cloud Storage, User Interface and many others.

Firstly, I’m very glad that I have gained a lot of useful technical skills through my entire internship, and clearly this is one of the best choice I have ever made to join AESTE as an intern. Unlike my previous internship at a big company, I actually get to handle a project and take the responsibility of it but not working on a negligibly small task.  I have the choice of finishing up the project and learn as much as I can.  Furthermore, I’m clearly learning new stuff in my internship everyday, be it programming or even life lessons, like on how I’m supposed to read my stuff properly so not to lose credibility when presenting, the importance of not focusing too much on the task to lose track of overall performance, and solving challenging technical problems given a limited amount of tools and knowledge.

Talking about technical skills, I could sum up the skills that I have learnt in two months as below:

  1. HTTP protocol (Method, Header, Body, query, fragments, uri, request, response….)
  2. Git and Git Flow
  3. Implementing a REST Web API
  4. Concept of Web Development (Server and Browser)
  5. Advanced C++ knowledge (virtual, inheritance, initializing list, sorting, C++ data structures like map or set, pointers, stringstream, file handling)
  6. Witty and POCO Framework
  7. Interacting with third party APIs (Dropbox)
  8. Event Handling and the concept of Asynchronous(non-blocking) and Synchronous(blocking)
  9. Authentication using JSON Web Token
  10. Operating on JSON data( Both object and arrays)
  11. ReactJS Framework (Javascript, JSX, Arrow Function, props, state, render….)
  12. Material UI
  13. Preflight Request/ CORS
  14. ORM Database
  15. Have used almost every http client method (JQuery AJAX, XMLHttpRequest, Fetch API, Poco Client, Witty Client)

which is surprisingly a lot when you’re talking about two months of internship!

Works aside, I’m also glad that I have made a lot of good friendships in AESTE. I really miss those days of eating out together during lunch, and also get the chance to talk to Dr. Shawn sometimes about his own experience. It is truly my pleasure to work under a great engineer like him. I really admire how intelligent and knowledgeable he is.  He is truly my inspiration to become a better engineer in the future.

Anyways, once again I’m grateful what AESTE has given to me and I’m definitely proud to have been part of it.


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