This week I started working on front end for Dashboard. Dr Shawn has told me all the functionalities and all the things that are needed for the Dashboard so I need to find ways how to make all the things work. Actually it is quite hard for me to do the front end as most of the things that need to be included are customized so I spend a lot of time studying and trying to understand about admin on rest and material-ui.

Last week we have release my previous project to the client so I have to communicate and guide the client about how the things work and how to use it. The client also request some changes, they wanted the function that they have before this to be included back which was in the schedule part. I thought I can fix the bug in one day but in the end it took me almost two days because of stupid mistake.

As I need to focus fixing the bug I have to stop working on the front end for a while but now all the things are fixed so I can continue working on it next week.


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