After having much fun with the PIC32 Starter Kit, I am currently moving on to the real boards. As expected, the previous USB code that worked on the starter kit no longer work properly on the real boards. Got the 2 LEDs to work on the boards and hence started debugging the code but not much progress was made besides the fact that the computer detects it as a HID Keyboard. A quick check at the board documentation did hint (albeit confusingly) that the USB may be faulty by design which got me to question whether or not it is even possible to get the keyboard functionality to work. Dr. Shawn did mention that it is indeed possible for any issues that could occur now to be either a software or hardware problem. This was a far cry from software development whereby anything that goes wrong is almost always attributable to faulty code and therefore relatively easier to diagnose. Nevertheless, I am not giving up so easily for now considering that the USB Debugger works so it may still be possible to get the keyboard to work.

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