Last week was my final week in AESTE and I managed to wrap up all the C++ Drivers to spec thanks to Dr Shawn’s guidance as he nudged me ever so slightly in the right direction by questioning my thought process and making me reflect on the naming conventions that I’ve chosen.  Fair enough, I’ve been inconsistent in some parts of my code in following the Camel Casing convention therefore I had to spend some time correcting them.

However, when my last day came, all GPIO, SPI and Keyes module sensor drivers were working and in a format which was fairly legible. Then I also completed the Wiki detailing how the code wraps around a few header files and it’s functionalities

My time in AESTE was as expected, a fantastic yet challenging learning experience. I have learnt a lot on how computers are designed by gobbling up two textbooks in order to understand the problem at hand, read up on Wishbone several times as well as honed my programming skills in Verilog, C & C++. Plus, being surrounded by driven people in the office has definitely taught me a lot on the different aspects of software and hardware development.

Indeed, I have learnt a lot of technical skills in this two short months, however I feel that the most valuable lesson that I can takeaway from this internship is to always persevere and use all the resources available in order to find the most suitable solution to tackle a problem. I’m thankful to Dr Shawn for allowing me the space to learn and develop my own solution to tackle every problem. And indeed is something I will cherish and use going into my 3rd year of University.


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