This week, I am working on retrieving binary data from the session storage. Even though the data I retrieved are in elf, but I couldn’t proceed to handle the data because the data are corrupted. Hence, I started to find out which method corrupts the binary data. After testing, I found out that the binary data are fine before the Ajax request but when I log the data I got from the response, it is not the same as the original ones. From there, I was able to narrow down my search. I tried to send the GET request using XMLHttpRequest instead and it worked. The response I got from the XMLHttpRequest is not corrupted and it works just fine with the simulator I am working on. Hence, with the result I got from testing and after doing a bit of research, I am certain that the cause of this problem is my jQuery Ajax request. Now that I have found the root of the bug, I was able to fix it.


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