This week I have been learning a lot of random stuff. On my first day of the week, I tried to build the project and run it. I’m really impressed on how the whole thing is built up like login authentication and the interface with google drive. Though the whole thing looks simple, the code embedded in it is actually sophisticated and is terrifying to read.

Reading and understanding the project code written by previous interns is not an easy task. As the project’s code itself is spread through several files, you have to constantly switch from one file to the other just to understand some lines of code. For example, you might come across an instance where its class definition is found in other header files. I have also consulted a few people as asked by Dr Shawn on different techniques used by them. For example, the technique on designing a REST API using handlerequest and creating various HTTP verbs methods, and also the overview of running the project and see how it works.

There are also other bunch of random stuff that I have gone through this week like interfacing with google drive API (where they don’t include C++ examples), and look up on how OAuth authenticates users through the usage of various tokens.  I also read through the simple overview of POCO library and Wt:Dbo which handles the database. Other than that, I have also dived in deeper into C++ on the use of virtual function and pure abstract class.

To summarize,  although the code might look really scary, I can see that I have slowly gained a better understanding and a better picture of the code as the time goes on.  I really hope that I will be able to deliver the result at the end by applying the knowledge I have acquired so far.


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