Working in Aeste Works is a unique experience that you rarely get in anywhere else. The task here is rather challenging and learning curve is never flat. I have definitely learnt a lot of skills from Aeste. Starting from a knowing-C-only student, I get to learn building a web application by using C++ and integrating different i/o modules onto fpga. I am very grateful that I get to learn both software and firmware from this position. The skill set that I have acquired from Aeste is not only the knowledge of different computer languages but more importantly the technique of optimizing design either in terms of software or firmware. This is one of the most important skills that I have learnt from Dr. Shawn.

There are too many things to mention about what I have learnt here. Overall, I am very thankful that I got involved in a super cool project and I got to meet so many talented people here. It is definitely mind blowing when I witness the emergence of such powerful tool and the potential that it would bring. It could not only make designing chip easier but also simplify the learning process for student in chip design. It is truly a summer well spent and much appreciation to Dr. Shawn.

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