I learned the way of testing a specific function in a program which is built with REST API. Basically every function is assigned to be accessed with either one of four commands (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). By using CURL command, I can access and test the functionality of a particular function. For the last two weeks of my internship, I am going to work on triggering synthesis for the Verilog output. We are sure that the result is correct because I had already tested it manually. So for now, I only had to run the same command which is used. This is rather complicated because commands used require a lot of options and some of them are calling to other commands. It makes my last task of internship even more interesting and satisfying. I will need to access to Poco library to specify each file’s path and also launch the command to trigger synthesis. After I finish this part, I will do some documentations about it on wiki and that will mark my end for this internship.


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