This week was spent replicating the functionalities of the previous application but this time with modifications to utilise the REST API as a source for data. Currently while coding up the front-end, there were some minor amendments made to the back-end API to make it more easy to interface with the front-end. With regards to overall front-end progress, the emcee, judge and judgings page are done. For the admin page, it appears that the main functionalities of Admin On Rest is now up and running so I am hoping that we can extend Admin On Rest for the attendance and head judge roles if the admin part can be done ahead of schedule. On issues, there were some issues with the conversion of timezones due to the inconsistencies of the format used by the front-end and back-end parts of the application but this was fixed by setting everything to UTC for all transfer of data. Regarding our plans for next week, the attendance role should be trivial enough so that can be covered by admin-on-rest which leaves the head judge role to be done as an extension of the emcee and judge roles.

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