Well, this is my first week of internship at Aeste Works. On my very first day, I told Dr Shawn that I’d prefer to handle software projects rather than hardware. As a result, I’m assigned with the web application project that requires to interface with google drive API. Dr Shawn gave me a lot of useful study materials to study in order for me to handle the job. Therefore, I’m expected to fully master C++, witty (the web application framework for C++), the idea of web application, Git, Restful API by the end of my first week. I had always thought that I’m pretty good at C++ but after staying here for week I realized that I’m still ignorant and there’s still so much for me to learn. For example, what is a pointer, when to use a pointer and reference, overloading operator and the list goes on. Also, there are times where I don’t understand why the C++ syntax has to be written in this way. For instance, I have seen web application code that uses a pointer over a normal variable. On my fifth day, I asked Dr Shawn to send me some code to study and I finally gained full access as a developer to the project. I tried to compile the project but failed a couple of times because of the directory path problem. But even after having fixed them, I still couldn’t compile at the end due to the linking problem which I had literally no idea what it is about. After having studied for one whole week, I really look forward to apply my knowledge and technical skills into the project.


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