I finally started coding out the REST API. There was not much to be noted though as it was just mainly implementing the details of what was previously drafted into code. This time I spent a bit more time to plan out the code to reduce copy-pasting code by separating them into reusable modules and also by maintaining some consistency when writing the code which led to a somewhat cleaner codebase compared to the previous application. There was also an emphasis on extensibility as now a lot of variables are no longer hard-coded but instead stored either as constant variables in the source or header file, or in a configuration file if needed. I also spent some time on documenting the various aspects of the application in hopes that this will make it a lot easier for future developers (and myself too) to build upon additional features on top of the foundation of the application.


In the middle of this week, Dr. Shawn briefed me to focus on the some of the newer functionalities of the application like attendance taking once some fundamentals of the REST API are done as these features will need to be done some time before the actual event. Currently half of the REST API is done and since the additional functionalities of the application also rely on the core REST API itself, I plan to continue finishing off the REST API this week and maybe slot in the email functionalities too if time permits.


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