After doing some reading I managed to find the right SQL. I tested it on PostgreSQL first because that’s how Dr Shawn taught me. He told me before I start working on something I need to know what I want then it will be easy for me to follow the right path. Otherwise all the things that I do will be useless. Next, I have to work with Query Builder in CakePHP. I have to find the right query and put it in the Controller then I will work with the View. I tried writing the query but it didn’t work and of course I tried to do some changes but still nothing change. Dr Shawn advised me to do some reading and figure out how to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Early this week Dr Shawn gave me a few more tasks to do regarding this website. The client asked to fix some bugs and to do a few enhancement to the website. For now I have to solve the old tasks first before I can proceed to the next one.


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