With the deadline approaching, I spent the last week making sure that the application is accessible and user-friendly enough for the end user. This was mainly accomplished with the use of CSS. With that done, I continued with deploying the program on the tablets. However, there was an issue with the browser rendering the overflowed portion of a page black when accessed in full screen mode. There was also what initially thought to be a problem with logging in into Google’s OAuth when using the local network. Dr. Shawn suggested using a proxy server in which he tested to be working so what is left is to implement this on the Pi. Speaking of the Pi, there seems to be a problem with linking when using Wt 3.3.6 which is on the testing branch while Wt 3.3.3 is able to compile and link the application just fine. Over the weekend, Dr. Shawn discovered bugs in the program (some of them major ones). From the looks of it, it is going to be a rough week ahead.

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