This week I have started doing my first task which is I have to deal with SQL. At first I have to struggle a little bit to understand how SQL works in CakePHP. Luckily Dr Shawn gave me some tips and advices. He said I can work with SQL inside the controller, table or manually which is the last option. For this project, it was previously done inside controller so for me to understand how to make SQL works he advised me to read the controller. On top of that, he also asked me to read about Query Builder.

Here is the link,

After a few days working on the problem, I managed to solve it. But, when I showed Dr Shawn apparently my work was not 100% done because I have to do another INNER JOIN (happiness only last for a while). So for now I am working on it and I hope that I can solve it by next week as I have a few more tasks in queue.


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