For the most part of the week everything was going according to plan. Setting priorities right, we decided to focus on the flow of the application which meant making sure that the application is ready to be used by the end-user with its core functionality done. So far, the Poco library for encrypting autologin links, score sorting features, redirection for login links and the some parts of the admin page were all done.

I then met with Dr. Shawn during the week where he informed me to consider some features that will be added in future releases of the application. Thankfully some of them were already considered and done while the additional features he wanted were able to be slotted in into the big picture of the application without much modifications of the other parts of the application.

Then came the end of the week. I met the client and showed her a short demo regarding the process of initially importing the data. While she did request for some additional features to automate some of the importing process, Dr. Shawn emphasised the importance of writing the right software vs writing the software right which did pose a potential conflict between the two. Hence, I will now have to decide how much of the process that I need to automate to strike a good balance or perhaps rethink of a better way of doing things to accomplish what is needed. This will take some effort on my side to backtrack a bit of work and to write code in a way to satisfy both requirements. Whether or not this is possible, we will find out next week.

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