Earlier this week I managed to get Google’s OAuth Service to work. This feature allows the application to link a Google Account to an internal login in the database and in a way, somewhat simplifies logging in (provided one has a Google Account). However, this was not perfect as the application will occasionally throw a “OAuth Authentication Error” when logging in. This seems to be a bug that is associated with Witty with its handling of the Google callback redirect which throws “RedirectEndpoint: could not decode state” to standard error. Upon observation of the OAuthService.C file in the Witty source code, I could attempt to rewrite some its source code (not so easy) to pinpoint the exact problem and hopefully fix it or alternatively, just put a message to tell the user to refresh the page (not so easy) because that works too.

I also met Dr. Shawn at the end of the week and gave him a demo on the progress of the application. He provided important feedback where one of them was to consider a more general method of authenticating users who do not have a Google Account by sending them login links via email. He then suggested using POCO to simplify the process of handling SMTP. Of the other improvements he suggested, quite some progress like merging views and the auto circular UI flow was made on that day itself (yay!).

Keeping the end in mind did help in some prospects in the last week. But this will probably not last for long when I start work on developing the comparative algorithms* for the application. But until then, I should make full use of my time to enjoy coding while I still can.

*The typical routine for developing the algorithms is usually staring at the white walls and red carpets of Aeste for hours with little to no code being produced. This is the Life!**


**said no coder ever

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