I was stucked with my work when I could not program the board as I wanted. I made a program of LED blinking and LED being turned on and off using switches. After I synthesized and generate the programming bit file, I used iMPACT to load it to the board but I keep getting “Program Failed”. I checked my codes and started to think that the software or the board is not working as it should. After I tried to diagnose what was the problem, I realized I set the settings of the codes to a wrong package of the Atlys Spartan 6 board. No wonder it did not work. I should not have missed that, it was written clearly in the reference manual actually. Since problem has been solved, my LED lighted up exactly the way I wanted! The board works. The software works. The code works. I was glad I could get the codes on clock divider for the blinking of the LED to work.

I went on to make a documentation of all the 37 sensors this week. I got to finish it, hopefully it will be a good reference for myself and other interns who will help me to work on these sensors. It was convenient after I had labelled all the sensors with numbers to refer them. I also managed to categorized them based on their functionality, hardware specifications and whether they were analog or digital. I got confused sometimes, some of the sensors were almost the same. Now I am working on the real codes to program on those sensors. Dr. Shawn clarified few things on the Wishbone interface that I must implement. I am really eager to have it working on my first sensor. If I get this right, oh wait. The right word would be when I get this right, it should come easier to program others.

Dr. Shawn treated us lunch and a movie last Thursday. It was a farewell lunch for two interns here as this is their last week. Besides farewell, it was also a welcome lunch for celebrating the new intern that just came this week. The pizza was really cheesy and yummy!

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