This week I finished the HOTP function which uses MD5 hashing to generate a 6 digit code. The secret key used for the HOTP is generated in a separate function, using the MPLAB X built in TRNG (true random number generator) library.

As for the configuration bitstream, it will be received and directly sent to both the FPGA and the flash.

I was also working on hid_keyboard provided by Microchip, the objective is for the PIC32 to act as a keyboard to send strings of data to a computer. The code provided by Microchip prints a letter in alphabetical order every time the button on the board is pushed.

One of the previous interns who worked on this problem was unsuccessful to get the code to work on the MZ board. The computer miss behaves as soon as the board is connected to it. The original code is fairly straight forward so I am just basing my code on the hid_keyboard example by Microchip.


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