It was about time that I finally dealt with all of the bugs (took me long enough) and it’s a good thing that I did, considering how silly and simple the solution for most of them was.
I got the feeling that a bunch of them will emerge though once the entire project gets deployed for the client to use, which is on Tuesday, but that’s for the upcoming week, along with all the updates and changes which will need to be applied.

There are still a bunch of functionalities which I haven’t dealt with though and I can not begin to express how stressed out I was by the end of the week as I couldn’t manage to deal with any of them, even when I went ahead and tried to make use of the weekend as well.
I have until tomorrow Monday and I do not see myself being able to deal with everything, but I at least want to try as long as I have the time to do so.

My performance has definitely been declining since the past few weeks, and this one has to be the worst in terms of unfinished work, not to mention that this also means I failed to meet up with the clients deadline.


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