With Monday and Wednesday being public holidays, one could say that this was a pretty short week.
Continuing with the tasks from last week, I had most of the work done on Tuesday and Thursday, setting up new pages, enhancing already implemented features, such as the “date picker” and “auto suggest” through the use of JQuery.
That leaves me with one more page which I need to set up, along with the bug fixes. I will also have to thoroughly test the entire project to make sure everything is functioning as intended.

I have to admit though, those bugs would have been long gone and dealt with if I knew exactly how to handle them. The good thing is that, I am almost certain that the fixes are pretty simple and require only a small change or addition of code to the already existing one. The bad thing however, is knowing that the solution is actually simple yet not being able to do it, which is making me feel bad about myself.

What I am doing over here, is pretty equivalent to working in an actual work environment, so, if I am unable to handle my tasks right now, then how do I expect to be able to do so in the future?

I have to find a solution.


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