My main task for this week was to get the workflow for the web application up and running, and as the title would indicate, that didn’t turn out so well as there were plenty of flaws within my implementation of the required functionalities.

I had the workflow sketched out and would write down short notes as I progressed upon it, which was a mistake to begin with, as I was supposed to have all of the details written down clearly before even considering moving on with implementing anything, I had to learn that the hard way.
I thought I was progressing at a pretty decent rate and had everything under control, until Dr. Shawn decided to have a look at my progress at the end of the week and started pointing out to me all of the faults and bugs within my work.
I couldn’t see myself being able to get all of that work done within a single day, so I decided to head to the office on Sunday, get as much work done, and hope for the best.

The two most important aspects which I have learned throughout this week is the importance of planning out your work in as much details as possible before even considering starting out with your implementation, and to keep on trying no matter how difficult things might prove to be.

The only thing which I am disappointed and concerned with is my lack of technical skills, and I hope that this does not hinder my progress.

Merry Christmas!


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