This is my first week as an intern engineer here at Aeste Works. On the first day I was introduced to the project on which I am to work on in full details, once that was covered, I was given a specific task related to the project to work on this week.
The task itself in general was pretty simple and straightforward, but I did end up facing some difficulties at first as I needed some time to adjust to the work environment.

It’s a good thing that I did spend enough time going through the pre-internship material which was provided to me by Dr.Shawn, that being to read up on the CakePHP framework and GIT, as I have never gotten to working on a framework in the past or even GIT, this made things go a bit smoother for me throughout this week.

So far, I have created a web application which supports CRUD functionality for an entire database along with user restriction based on their assigned role.
I am currently working on planning out the workflow of the system to determine how the software should be used before going ahead into implementing the code in the upcoming week.


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