I started the week by generating the BOM and also all the Gerber files needed for manufacturing of the board. Something I learned was if there are any fill areas in the design, it has to be filled before generating the Gerber files. The Gerber files are generated based on the current state of the software based on the selected layers. The shortcut “B” can be used to fill all the zones on the board in order to produce the correct Gerber files. There will be a separate file generated for each layer of the PCB. I went through all the files that were generated because these files define the actual copper pouring for the PCB so by looking at them you can tell what is going to be in each layer.

The PCB design is finished, so now I can start a new task which means a lot of new challenges. For the rest of the week, I was tasked to modify the board test code to work with the new board. I had to migrate the code that was written for the previous board to work with the new board. This process involves changing the .ucf file and also the code, to match the new pin numbers and connections.

Looking forward to working on a new project in this coming week.

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