This week I started going through the sample codes and also the previous interns codes and tried to master them. It was hard at the beginning to understand the latest integrated project. However, once I studied the individual parts of the code separately it all started to make sense. In order for me to understand the project properly, I also need to understand it from the hardware point of view as well. Understanding the hardware meant knowing each and every component on the board, so I listed all of them down and started looking for information about them. Next, I designed an I/O ports diagram, which is a diagram to show the name and functionality of the components on the board as well as their location. There was only one component which I could not find anything about. It is located exactly behind the Micro-USB port. My guess is that it should be a decoder/encoder for the Micro-USB.

The second task that I was given, was to design a board architecture diagram. This was NOT easy as I could not figure out what kind of connections should be used in the circuit. I even went as far as tabulating all the pins in the FPGA with their direction and functions. However, it is not much of use now. I hope it will come in handy once I start on the PCB design. Finally, I managed to produce a board architecture diagram but I still have my doubts.


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