This week, I started my internship with Aeste. The week did not start well for me as I was not able to cover all the pre-internship material that was assigned to me by Dr. Shawn. After being scolded by him on the first day, I had an even bigger task now, not only I had to work on my assignments but also try to show myself to him as well. Dr. Shawn, then gave me an introduction on Git and how useful it can be in managing source codes in a multi-platform project. I managed to finish all the tutorials and now I can see the practicality of using Git.

I was working along side the previous intern, Ryan. Unfortunately, this is his last week at Aeste. Therefore, I need to learn everything from him by the end of this week. I started by familiarising myself with MPLAB X, micro-controller programmer, and then tried to run some of the sample codes provided by Microchip Technology. I started with Wolfssl tcp server and also created a self sign certificate which can be given to the server. I went through a few projects in order to understand the way both, the program and the board work. Thanks to Ryan, I soon was able to run and trouble shoot the code and also managed to learn quite a lot of things that would take me days to learn on my own.

Overall, the first week was great and I am looking forward to up coming weeks and new challenges.

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