This week I am still working on the data corruption error when testing the write operations of each modules together. It took me quite a while to find out which part of JavaScript went wrong as I have to analyze every line of JavaScript codes related.

The error occurs in the convertAddress function. The value ORed with the address of register is incorrect. This results in wrong value returned when the function is called and eventually generated wrong address value.

My final task is do documentation on what I have done so far. Before documenting the tasks, I did final checks on the C++ and JavaScript codes. I also updated the wiki on simulator part to provide brief explanation on the work I have done.

This week is the last week for my internship at Aeste. Despite struggling most of the time trying to complete the tasks, I did enjoyed working here. I really appreciate Dr Shawn’s patience when guiding me on my tasks. He gave me a lot of useful advice not only in terms of work tasks, but also about my future career. Working at Aeste made me acknowledge how poor my technical skills are, especially in programming.

It is a great opportunity  working here. Thank you Dr Shawn for his guidance in every aspect. I really gained priceless experience and new knowledge.  This ends my internship at Aeste.


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