This week I tried to show the data values on the simulator schematic when performing data transmission with UART, MSPI or I2C. When successfully reading or writing data, user will be allowed to see that the data in hexadecimal values are displayed beside the related ports of the module.

To achieve this, I first created a text tag in the SVG JavaScript with a unique class name corresponding to the port. Next I created a new function in each JavaScript module and  used “.document.querySelectorAll()” to match the specified class name element.

Next, I continued to test the functions for Uart, Mspi and Mtwi. They worked fine individually on the simulator. However, when I tested the functions together, the data was corrupted. I tried to trace the problem by analyzing the assembly codes and check if there is any errors in my codes. Dr Shawn also gave me some tips to trace for the errors. He told me that the problem is most likely occurred in JavaScript. However, he also told me to check if it is the memory block problem. Thanks to Dr Shawn’s advice, I have a clearer target to focus on. Hopefully I can solve the problem as soon as possible. That is all for this week.


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