This week I was assigned for a few tasks. First, I need to study the codebase of the project system to understand how they are related and how they work, especially the simulator part. Honestly, I was having hard time when reading and analyze the codes written by other interns. However, with the help from JeunHo and Khai Yong (seriously thanks a lot!), I was able to understand the system deeper in overall.

The next task is, I need to find a list of most popular io modules used with Arduino from the websites which sells electronic components such as Ebay, Amazon etc. From the list, I chose top 20 io modules including sensors, LED, bluetooth, wifi module etc. My primary selection is based on the total of products were sold, rating of product and price of the product.

After finished all these tasks, here comes my task for the following weeks. I need to implement the IO modules I have chosen into the simulator. This include creating the interface of the IO modules as well. To do this, I need to study JointJS. In overall, days at Aeste is always challenging. You get to learn new things everyday, which is awesome…and tiring. Last but not least, I am ready to accept the challenge and hopefully I can reach the expectations.


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