This is my first week as an intern in Aeste. Currently I am the only intern here along with two part-timers (who are also ex-interns for Aeste). During my first day, I got scolded for not completing the pre-materials. As a result, I was given a week to finish studying all the materials. Besides that, I was also given a brief explanation about the benefits of using Git and the general process of using Git (a powerful source code control tool). Just like other interns, I need to be familiar with Git and GitHub by doing the tutorials provided online.

In the following days, I was basically studying the materials the whole day, even at home. To study everything within one week, I need to work as hard as I can. Currently, I am struggling to understand Witty (which is a C++ web development tool) and trying to figure out how the codes work. The online resources for Witty are limited and the examples given are not completely explained, so I have to read the widgets of the Witty myself and attempt the tutorials. These are totally new to me as I have never expose to any web application development knowledge throughout 3 years in my university.

On Friday, I was assigned a project in which I am going to work on the simulator part of the project with the help and guide by my seniors (Jeun Ho and Khai Yong) at Aeste. I want to thank Jeunn Ho for coming to Aeste on Friday just to show me and teach me the details of the project. I am still trying to understand the system especially the part I am assigned to.

Honestly, Aeste has a very unique working environment. I hope I can really fit in to this company within my internship period. Of course, my first priority right now is to finish studying the materials and try to be familiar with the project ASAP.

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