My 12 weeks of internship has finally come to an end. This journey has been bitter sweet with lots of lost hopes and high expectation, with tears and joy and cries of frustration. But beyond all that, I have created something significant. Maybe in comparison it might not be a lot but from where I received my project and the minimum knowledge I had initially, I managed to authenticate Dropbox’s user accounts, upload, download and delete files, store user info and metadata of files. If you had followed through, I managed to make a functional dashboard too, which could be used by users to interact with the application.

I got enough help from other interns who taught me and guided me through every little thing. I learned so much from them. At times, situations got almost suffocating, maybe the white walls, maybe the constant staring at the bright screen to figure out where I went wrong. It is almost like I impaired my vision staring hours at the screen for hours straight. I agree, the seclusion of the office, maybe planned to breed focus but sometimes I hoped the office could have nurtured more creative thinking, natural light- anything beyond the red carpet and chairs, white desks and walls. It was very monotonous. Maybe for some people like me, it was counter-productive but definitely to many it helped focus better. When brain-storming, people need ideas, change of mind, place but in the office space, it bred nothing but monotone in me.

This all in all was a very unique experience, unconventional office policies and work. I had not known engineering had such a side to it. I have been awed several times at knowing things I hadn’t known before. It ranged from education to politics to movies. Work had always its own place. Everyone around being so focused also keeps one motivated during office hours. One thing, I truly appreciate how interns are given projects according to their caliber and the ability to expand their skills. I can finally say, I have evolved in terms of knowledge and as a human over my time in AESTE.

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