This being my second last week, I had to put in my effort as much as possible in order to reach a state for my part to be able to be passed on. I have been working on optimizing my codes while adding features which would be needed in future, which includes retrieving Metadata of files and folders and then being stored in a JSON file. This will allow the project to keep track of and manage which files are being used, updated or revised and can be presented accordingly to users when required.

The Create button from last week initiates a generation of a new project representation on the dash. The file/project representations can be used to open a default or empty project. There are still several enhancements to be done in order to make project management fully engaging and user-friendly.

Meanwhile, there were frequent core dumps while running the codes, which was controlled by deleting the several Http::Client (s) after its operation had been completed in order to prevent memory leak and functions repeating themselves due to clients staying back.

Also, this week I received my farewell lunch. We were all taken out and had a great session of communicating and exchanging of ideas with everyone in the office. It was unreal that 10 weeks had already passed and I was standing almost at the end of my internship.

Right now, I can say I am not scared of coding anymore and this week marks the end of my coding for my part of the project. I agree it is frustrating and mind-cringing for noobs like me when codes do not work properly but I have experienced the joy of seeing your codes come to life and actually do something too. That moment cannot be expressed in words. In that moment, you experience the feeling of achievement. Throughout these weeks I have been through ups and downs, beating around the bush, going round and round and many more frustrating feelings but there comes a point when it is all worth it and it all makes sense and that’s what matters.

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