This week of mine was a bit short for the Eid (Hari Raya) holidays. It is never the best feeling to have Eid away from home and family, but we all try to make the best of what situation we are in. Anywho, this caused the progress of my project to be slower than other weeks.

Getting back to my work, my project can now successfully retrieve access_tokens, token type and uid, which are unique generated id from dropbox server end. One tiny problem I faced while working on this bit, is that there was redirect_uri mismatch, which was caused by a simple missing “http://” before my redirect uri compared to my registered information in the App Console in Dropbox.

I have tried testing the dashboard (the redirected page) with a WPushbutton to see if the dashboard is fully functioning. I have also changed the compiler from codelite’s default to CMake to get more accessibility from the results, which eventually led me to figure out that the access tokens were being received twice and the second one came out with an error 9 (“bad file descriptor”). Even debugging could not point my exact code causing it. However, that did not affect my program adversely. Till this point, users can connect their dropbox to the webapp and grant it permission to access their files. In turn, they ¬†receive a confirmation email of the event from dropbox.

Currently I am working on the uploading a tar.xz file into user’s dropbox referring to codes from older projects. I plan to have all the relevant files listed and as links in the dashboard. However, that is being a challenge, as there is no related witty function or any guide in dropbox API which would allow me to do so. I will be finishing with the files uploading and downloading which is the main portion of my project and start my work on the next phase of my project while working on its enhancements. Hopefully my project catches pace and I be able to successfully complete it all within the time constraint I have.


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