As I am progressing, the goal seems to be getting clearer and closer but yet not reachable. My main focus is to enable saving/updating/deleting of files while working on one’s projects. So far my authentication functions smoothly. I am to retrieve access tokens in exchange of the request token in the OAuth2 process. This will help retain information for an individual user to continue working without having to re-authenticate or refresh. These information along with user account information and cookies can be stored in JSON encoded dictionaries or object files in the approot. These request tokens allow users to interact with the client or server in the backend.

During this week, I had to go thoroughly through the Dropbox Authentication procedure in order to fully grasp the concept. Referring to older projects have also helped me gain a better understanding of certain codes which I am working with. This week’s work also gave me a clearer picture of Wt classes and inheritances bringing up some differences between Http::Client, Http::Message wtc.

Dropbox guideline has been my best friend, taking me through a series of tasks before a fully OAuth2.0 API is created. A lot of debugging is still undergoing in order to trace the codes. I have also cleaned and moved older codes to make it more neat and functional.

My this week’s goal would be to be able to have several usable files on the dashboard and successfully enable a fully functional Dropbox Service incorporated API which will allow users to easily save and retrieve older project files. I plan to do it in sections in order to ease the load.

Among all the chaos and racking our heads over different levels of various projects, we were all taken out to hangout like normal people and watch a movie. The experience was indeed quite refreshing which helped us, interns to bond on a new level and gave us all a shared topic of interest. We, since then, began exchanging our views and opinions on various aspects of different movies of our choice. Once in a while, it becomes necessary to talk about things other than work to maintain a normal life. Looking forward to another productive week ahead!


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