With one more week down, I seem more focused and result-oriented on my project. Working with this makes me both excited and anxious. At times, whereas the frustration of codes not working becomes immense and adds to the stress while at other times, it acts as a push to do more, to look deeper or even maybe, sometimes, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I can definitely say now, I know what I am doing, I know what I need to achieve but every step is a learning process and I am striving to get through each.

Probably I had not mentioned before,but my project already contained some codes with several classes and files with each special function of its own. And my job was to scrutinize it and figure out what to tweak in order to achieve the desired outcomes. So I started my week with a mind map of all the classes and its header files in conjunction with the main as the variables and functions were getting too difficult to track.

I had decided to test the authentication procedure of cloud storage with the most detailed explanation of the exact method needed. Dropbox Developer API appeared to be the most transparent and relatable which is why I chose it. My test app had to be registered under the App Console to be recognised which gave it a Dropbox generated api_key and api_secret. This is needed when the user is accessing the web application. Another parameter,the state is another essential part of the url link need to prevent CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) which has to be any random string. In return, the Dropbox generates an access_token.

Till now, I have managed to make my application get a Dropbox login prompt which afterwards asks users to “Allow/Deny” access to the application encountered. If the user allows, it redirects back to application dashboard which I am currently working on right now or mentions that the user has denied permission. To get to here I had to get through a lot of debugging of codes to eliminate segmentation fault and looping,


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