Hi everyone, aeste works is now occupied by four interns. Our veteran, khai yong (Peter), my colleague + current uni-mate, Alex, maisha who is an EE student in APU and lastly yours faithfully. If anyone is looking for a challenging internship that will test you to your limit, do send your application to Aeste works. 
My second week ended quite abruptly. Here I am, still dazed by the complexity of the Wt/Witty platform, which is used to build to the project tasked to me by my supervisor.  Dr. Shawn has finally assigned the set of specific tasks which I am to achieve by the end of this internship. I know what the final outcomes should be, but everything in between still seems like a blurry mess. For your information, i think the tasks given to me are quite simple. However, I need to work on top of a project which was built by several seasoned interns previously. To be able to start my work, I must first understand how the whole system works. Luckily, I have my veteran colleague Peter to guide me on the right track. 
On the other hand, I think I have been quite slow on picking things up. I learned a great deal of things the past two weeks. Which goes to prove how little I know now and before this intern. In my past, I have been studying for exams just to score good marks. Selectively memorizing tips and potential exam questions have made me stupid. I think I have lost the creative problem solving skills an engineer should truly have. A note to my past self, don’t ever take the easy way. Giving a few examples for this would be: –

1) Don’t use windows, use Linux instead.

2) Don’t copy everything, build something of your own.

3) Don’t just memorize, understand instead.

Well enough about my past, I hope my next entry would be something informative instead of me noting my inferiority.

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